Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Local Lunch

This local lunch depends on you having several items on hand. But to borrow from the title of a really good book by Margaret Visser, much depends on lunch. (Her book is actually called Much Depends on Dinner.) If you can't eat this lunch now, prepare for it this year and you can enjoy it next year! Item one: a whole chicken from a local farm, roasted and in the fridge. Two: pickled beets. Beets are just coming into season now but I'm just finishing up last year's batch, so no worries. Three: pepper/onion relish, made last fall when onions and peppers were fresh and ripe at the farmer's market. Four: a fresh baguette from Panhandle.

I had to use bottled mayonnaise because I haven't taken the time to make any fresh. But I will remedy this situation soon. Mayonnaise just takes eggs, oil, and a little vinegar. I use my own eggs, but I have to buy the organic canola oil. I intend to learn how to make my own vinegar this fall. More on that later.

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Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...


How do you make your pepper/onion relish--can you post your recipe??

Tracy :)